Theme Takeover – Admin gone to total BS!

I’m going to start out this blog with a series of post related to theming the osCommerce 2.3.4 Online Merchant admin area. And yes, I’m going to use Boot Strap 3.2.0 to theme it with. I’ll keep updating the links on this page until the final post is made.

I am adding bootstrap to the admin in response to the community effort of building a complete Boot Strapped version of osCommerce as found here: Bootstrap 3 in – Responsive from the Get Go.

Whether or not this admin make over makes it to the final community build or not is irrelevant, the build is hosted at GitHub and shall be available for all to use as they please. And for those with zero to no interest in Boot Strap, I hope that you will still find the changes I document along the way useful in working on your own admin addons, in fact I hope that all, even myself, may benefit by knowing a little bit more about what lies under the hood of the osCommerce admin.


  1. Starting Out
  2. Configuration
  3. Alert Messages
  4. Login
  5. Dashboard
  6. Categories




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